Skellern’s Metal Castings

Shaping the Future

Skellern’s foundry is one of New Zealand’s top foundries. Our metals cast include Brasses, Bronze and Aluminium alloys. We design, cast and finish metal castings as a one stop metal casting service shop and foundry.

Skellern’s Metal Casting foundry has been servicing New Zealand, the Pacific and world-wide since 1959 and is classed as one of New Zealand’s top industry foundries.

For over 50 years Skellern’s has supplied high quality metal casting including: aluminium casting, bronze casting and brass castings to manufacturers both locally and internationally.

During this time the Skellern’s team have and continue to develop and refine a variety of systems and techniques to produce metal castings of a consistently high quality in a time and cost efficient manner.

We specialise in utilising the following metal casting processes:

This enables us to meet all of your businesses metal casting requirements with efficiency and precision.

See our metal casting Products for details and visit our bronze & aluminium casting Product Gallery for examples of the services and products we offer.

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